Athletic Therapy is the science surrounding the rehabilitation not only of athletes, but also to the active general public.  Athletic Therapists are generally known for their work in the sports setting.  In this capacity, the Athletic Therapist responds to emergency medical scenarios at sporting events. Athletic Therapists are also found in a clinical setting, working along side physiotherapists, but their skills are really utilized as they are able to take the injured athlete from the initial injury, through progression of the injury, to the final return to their sport.  This is achieved by use of manual techniques, exercise prescription and sport specific training. 


Mike is also trained in the fitting of custom brace products.  Custom braces are designed not only for athletes, but for all individuals who take part in or would like to return to an active lifestyle.  Custom braces can be fitted to help manage dysfunctions or weaknesses of knee, ankle, shoulder or elbow joints.  An individual returning from knee surgery, or a person looking to help manage pain caused by osteoarthritis, are only brief examples of who can benefit from a bracing product.  Contact Mike to see how he can help you.

Custom Brace fitting

Athletic Therapy


Osteopathy is a form of natural and holistic manual therapy which seeks to resolve the patients pain by identifying the problem at its source.   An Osteopath believes that the body must work as a functional unit.  This means that in order for your body to operate properly and move freely, all of the body's systems must work and coordinate with one another in a dynamic fashion.  To accomplish this, an Osteopath not only will  mobilize the patients bones and joints, they will also look at the interconnectedness of the patients organs. 

As well, Osteopaths will often treat the head, also known as the cranium.  This area is often skipped over by many other professions, however to Osteopaths, this area is of utmost importance as the cranium is not a solid bone but a combination of many bones.  In addition to this, there is a great deal of soft tissue attaching in this area which attaches to distant areas in a patients body.  This connective tissue can have an impact on other areas in the body.

Our body's are amazing tools that are equipped to deal with and manage an impressive array of movements as well as having its own unique ability to monitor, self regulate and heal itself.   Injuries occur when the body has broken down, often times as a result of previous injuries or repeated trauma, which can be a result of repetitive strain injuries.  In Osteopathy, the therapist works with and understands how the body systems can recover from an injury.  They work within this understanding to help restore the natural motion and biomechanics of the body. When this is accomplished, pain is often resolved.